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Dada Maheshvarananda

Dada Maheshvarananda is a yoga monk, activist and writer from the United States. In 1978 he traveled to India and Nepal where he became a yogic monk and studied the Progressive Utilization Theory (Prout) under its founder, Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar.


He taught meditation and organized for social justice for 14 years in Southeast Asia, three years in Europe and 21 years in Brazil and Venezuela. He has given hundreds of seminars and workshops at conferences, schools, yoga centers, and prisons about social activism, spiritual transformation, and cooperative games.


His first book, "After Captalism: Prout's Vision for a New World" with a preface by Noam Chomsky was published in 2003 and has been translated into 10 languages. In 2007 he founded the Prout Research Institute of Venezuela in Caracas, where he served for nine years as director. His second book, "After Capitalism: Economic Democracy in Action", was published in 2012. "Cooperative Games for a Cooperative World" was published in 2017. In 2019 he was the co-author with Mirra Price of "Tools to Change the World."

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