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Spiritually Speaking

PLT Public Speaking Club

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Do you ever feel difficulty explaining your spiritual practices and ideas to others? Do you have trouble inspiring others to help change the world? Do you feel nervous when speaking to an audience? Would you like to improve your ability to communicate, encourage, and empower others?


This is an opportunity to improve your expression, to build self-confidence and self-awareness. Practice writing speeches and presenting them online in a small and supportive environment. Whether this is new for you or you’ve been teaching and speaking in public for decades, whether English is your mother tongue or you’re just learning the language, we can all improve our speaking skills.


Every week we will listen to short prepared speeches and practice giving brief impromptu answers to frequently asked questions. The feedback you will receive will be both supportive and give you specific ways to improve. You will learn to speak more confidently to a large crowd as well as reach out one-on-one to someone you just met.


The club will meet on two different days at different times to facilitate people participating from different countries. Choose the day and time that you can join:


1) Saturday 8:00-9:30 am EST (13:00-14:30 UTC) every week. 


2) Tuesday 7:00-8:30 pm EST (Wednesday UTC 0:00-01:30) every other week, with alternating weeks in Spanish. 


English Tuesdays: Nov 15, 29, Dec 13, Jan 17, 31, Feb 14, 28, Mar 14, 28.


Spanish Tuesdays: Nov 22, Dec 6, Jan 10, 24, Feb 7, 21, Mar 7, 21.


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Dada Maheshvarananda is a yogic monk and activist. He is the author of six books and has given hundreds of seminars and workshops around the world about social activism and spiritual transformation. He is now the director of the Prout Research Institute in Asheville, North Carolina.

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Dada Jyotirupananda is a yogic monk, practicing and teaching a system of yogic meditation across the globe for over 40 years. He is the editor of New Renaissance – a journal for spiritual and social awakening and author of Meditation: Searching for the Real You

Everyone is welcome to join the club.

What are you waiting for? Come join our Spiritually Speaking PLT Public Speaking Club Today.

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Spiritually Speaking has helped me in ways that far exceed improving my public speaking skills.  The members really care about each other and exhibit the qualities of openness, attentive listening, rationality, cooperation, constructive feedback and guidance, and magnanimity.

Meditando na praia

Marc Nevas

I highly endorse Spiritually Speaking to anyone who wishes to improve their public speaking skills or to venture out to take their first steps in public speaking. The skills acquired apply to both in person and online presentations and although the focus is on giving an introductory talk, these skills transfer to any situation where you are speaking to a group of others about a topic important to you. I have grown tremendously in my speaking skills due to participation in this program. 

Manika Avatar.jpg


I feel the public speaking class has motivated me to speak in front of a group with confidence.  Our teacher, dada Maheshvarananda, and the other attendees were very much supportive.  They all gave me positive, constructive criticism which helped me to change for the better.  I really enjoy this class and highly recommend it to all! 

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